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KJS Entertainment

DJ Keith is the owner and operator of KJS Entertainment. Keith has been entertaining people for over seven years. Whether it is a high energy club or a wedding, DJ Keith will bring excitement to
your event. Being a high energy disc jockey Keith can entertain and interact with your guests. Whether hand selecting the right music for your show, or providing the right requests from your guests, DJ Keith will always be playing the right music for you.


Maria Wilson Productions

Maria Wilson developed her own booking agency. Her niche markets consist of festivals, outdoor venues, and weddings. Maria has a well respected name in the Mid-Atlantic region as both an agent and a professional musician. Her clients include Arcona Reel Band, The Badlees, Jeffrey Gaines, Nancy Falkow, The Reese Project, Tony Perry, Naked Blue, Andy and Denies, and Pete Palladino.

A premier solo guitarist with five albums of her own, Gifts From My Guitar, Generations, Mary Artuso's Dream, Images of the Past, and Live at the Wire, Maria has performed her unique instrumental contemporary guitar sound throughout Pennsylvania and the Eastern Seaboard. Maria's "2000" release Generations, has been featured on radio stations throughout Pennsylvania and is also on Wyndfall Records, an indie label based in Central Pennsylvania. She was the recipient of the 2002 Martin Guitar Scholarship for Fingerstyle Guitar at Dusquene University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dusquene's program is ranked the #5 music school in the country. She has also been a performer at venues such as The Belmont Stakes, Atlantic City Beachfest, and The Philadelphia Fair. She has shared stages with Roger McGuinn, Livingston Taylor, Dar Williams, and Naked Blue. Maria continues to astonish audiences with her intensified and complex instrumental guitar show.

Maria has spoken at several music colleges about the music industry.


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