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Our music library
consists of over 30,000 songs.  This huge selection ensures that we'll
have the music you & your guests want to hear.  I subscribe to
industry leading music provider Promo Only so as to keep up on the very
latest hits in various styles of music.  All music is computerized with
professional DJ software PCDJ FX.  This software is just like a fancy
DJ CD Player except it is 100% digital.  The best part about being
computerized is we offer super fast searching for requests.  The day's
of waiting a half hour while the DJ looks for your song are gone.  Of
course,  I do bring out about 600 CD's As a backup.    The following
list will give you some idea of our variety.

Current Radio Hits
Current Country Hits
Classic County
Rock Favorites
Dance Hits
Music from the 90's 80's 70's 60's 50's
Big Band
Easy Listening
Alternative Rock
DJ Party Hits
Wedding Music
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